Thursday, 1 July 2010

Sign of the Crab

Cancer the crab, water sign, June 22 - July 23 (there may be a variation in the dates from year to year). This was the first drawing that I did with coloured pencils (as an adult!) when I treated myself to a box of Caran d'Ache Prismalo Aquarelle watercolour pencils in the early 90s. I loved all the bright colours so decided to do something in blue and orange complementary pairings. My drawing style is naturally quite rough and I wanted to keep that energetic feeling so didn't blend the colours too neatly. I finally completed my zodiac this year, about 18 years later!

This is a great design in watercolour. I love the colour scheme and the use of the claws in the wording

Here's retro style keychain/key ring. I really like the quirky face.

The simple design and bold colours make this mousepad/mousemat really striking.

Here's a mug with a cute, fun design for a 'girly' girl!

This is a lovely stylised design. I really like the patterns.

This zodiac mask design is beautiful with exquisite detail.

My star sign is Aquarius, but didn't feel that I fitted the typical description so I was interested to find out that my rising (ascendant) sign is Cancer - this affects your outer self, the person that you present to people you meet. Your inner self, the person that you present to close friends and family, is affected by your moon sign.
Cancerian personality traits include being: kind, loving, caring, nurturing, intuitive, sensitive, untidy, over-emotional, moody, defensive.
Some famous Cancerians: Clint Eastwood, Drew Barrymore, Nelson Mandela, Boris Becker, Princess Diana, Ringo Starr, Mike Myers and Courtney Love.
Find out more about this zodiac sign here.

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